For many years I worked in marketing for some awesome companies and brands. I was involved in some great campaigns across experiential and advertising within both blue chip companies and agencies. One day, my life took a different turn and I was made redundant…

I had a mortgage, a new baby, 2 cats and a dog and I was unemployed.

Everyone I met said I had great marketing experience and my CV was awesome but no-one would employ me. I was told I was “too qualified” or they were “impressed with my experience to date”. However, it never seemed to be quite what they were looking for.

I grew frustrated. So, one day I took things into my own hands. I went out, took my experience and looked to help businesses use marketing effectively.

These guys knew their customer, were passionate about what they did, but doing didn’t really understand how to market themselves to reach potential customers effectively.

However, what they did have was a real love for what they were doing and a willingness to try – to do whatever it takes to succeed.

It felt like a spark had been relit. Their passion, made it so different to clients I had worked with before. I loved it. Directly seeing the results from marketing campaigns and know it was making a difference was amazing.

Late one night I took the plunge and started up a consultancy; with the aim to help businesses market themselves in the best way to help them grow.

The next morning I broke the news to my wife…